• Leave the dressing on until you get home.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Wash your tattoo with warm soapy water using a PH neutral or anti-bacterial soap using just your hand.
  • Pat the tattoo dry with kitchen towel.
  • Leave the tattoo to air-dry for approximately 15-20 minutes. Apply a small amount of the Bepanthen aftercare cream.
  • Repeat this process 2-3 times a day for a week to 14 days.
  • DO NOT PICK ANY SCABS that form. This can pull some of the ink out and result in loss of colour
  • DO NOT SOAK YOUR TATTOO FOR TOO LONG. Soaking it in water for extended periods of time can result in bigger scabs forming and can damage your tattoo.
  • DO NOT BAKE YOUR TATTOO IN THE SUN. Exposing a fresh tattoo to UV rays will damage your tattoo.
  • DO NOT GO SWIMMING FOR AT LEAST 2 WEEKS. Although they say that swimming pools are clean, they're not the cleanest of environments and the chlorine can damage your tattoo.
  • AVOID CONTACT WITH DUST, DIRT OR OIL. Exposure to dirt, dust and oil specifically in the first week of healing can cause topical infection in the tattoo and surrounding skin.
  • ALLOW THE BODY TO HEAL ITSELF. The body will naturally heal itself, keep the area clean and apply the Bepanthen cream. Do not use wound washes or harsh chemicals and do not apply any bandaging, the skin requires air-flow across it too heal.

If your tattoo is in such a place that you require someone else to apply the aftercare, MAKE SURE THEY WASH THEIR HANDS THOROUGHLY BEFORE THEY START YOUR AFTERCARE. After about 2 weeks your tattoo should well be on the way to healing, or even healed. You may find that the tattoo starts to itch, this is perfectly normal. It's your body's way of telling you that it's healing. Once any scabs have fallen off (not been picked off!!) you may find a silvery, dry skin form over the tattoo. This is perfectly normal, it's just a new layer of skin forming. Normal moisturiser can be used on the tattoo at this stage. Ultimately, a tattoo is a fresh, open wound. Albeit it rather colourful one. Use common sense when looking after it and you should enjoy your tattoo for many years to come.

A FINAL WORD - NEVER listen to so called experts down the pub. If you have ANY questions or problems please do not hesitate to call or email the studio on 07796553423.

Thanks for the skin.